Debeli dub Eco Village is a family-type accommodation, which by definition means “a building with a suitable architectural layout with a capacity of 12 rooms for the accommodation of tourists, in which hotel activity is carried out, with a limited number of hotel services. The organization of work is mainly on a family basis and there is at least one restaurant or entertainment.

This document describes the general conditions of the Eco Village “Debeli dub”

Before making your reservation it is good to keep in mind the following:

І. Reservations:
You can make a reservation in the Eco Village Debeli dub in one of the following ways:

After making a request from our site, you will receive a booking confirmation at the email address you provided.
In order for your reservation to be considered valid and confirmed, we require a deposit of 50% of the reservation (unless otherwise agreed between the parties for payment as a deposit). We expect payment from you within 5 (five) working days of receiving the confirmation. The rest of the amount of your entire reservation is paid upon check-in at the complex.
If you wish to cancel a reservation on which a guarantee deposit has been transferred, the penalties described below in the cancellation policy apply.
When we require a pre-deposit, your reservation is valid and is considered finally CONFIRMED after receiving the specified payment in the specific application by bank transfer and receiving confirmation of it.
In case of non-payment within the described term, the eco-village reserves the right to cancel a reservation.
ІІ. Payment options
7.1. Cash on-site at the hotel

7.2. By debit or credit card on-site at the hotel

7.3.By bank transfer the following bank account:

Bank account:

Zeleni dab Ltd.

Bank account in Unicredit Bulbank:
IBAN: BG70 UNCR 7000 1523 4751 84

III. Conditions for cancellation of reservations
To cancel a reservation you need to inform us by sending an e-mail to, and mentioning your name and the date of your reservation no later than 14 days before the date of accommodation, or in this case, we will refund the deposit made by you.

  1. Penalties due for cancellation of an already confirmed reservation:

2.1. In case of cancellation of a confirmed reservation up to 7 (seven) days before arrival, the client does not owe a penalty, except in the case of a reservation made on special holiday packages, in which the terms for reservations and cancellations are additionally indicated.

2.2. If the reservation is canceled from 4 (four) to 7 (seven) days before arrival, you owe a penalty of 50 (fifty)% of the total amount paid as a deposit.

2.3. If canceled up to 3 days before the date of arrival, no fee will be charged.

Ecovillage “Debeli dub” reserves the right to cancel a confirmed and paid reservation in case of force majeure and other reasons beyond the control of the hotelier. In these cases:
3.1. We offer the client accommodation for another period, while maintaining the same conditions and prices or at a discount.

3.2. We refund the deposit paid by the client within 15 (thirty) days from the date of receipt of a written request for this, and we do not owe a penalty for the same.

  1. To change a reservation (number of rooms, reduction of stay, extension of stay, number of people) it is necessary to make a written request to or by phone at 0882338462 and receive confirmation from us if it is possible to change made.
    IV. Accommodation conditions
    Rooms are available to accommodate guests from 13:00 until 19:00 on the day of check-in unless otherwise agreed upon by booking.
    !!!. The accommodation in the Ecovillage is carried out after the presentation of personal documents, certifying the identity of the client. The data provided by you are protected in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act and the regulations governing the protection of information and are processed only in connection with the implementation of the established requirements of the Tourism Act. This information will only be used in connection with your booking and will not be provided for other purposes.
  2. We expect our guests to vacate the rooms no later than 12.00 on the day of their departure, without additional reminders from our camp.
  3. In accordance with the current regulations in the country, the import of food and beverages on the territory of the complex is prohibited, unless otherwise expressly agreed.
  4. For hygienic and practical reasons, we ask our guests not to bring food and drinks into their rooms. In case of special needs, room service from the restaurant is allowed.
  5. NO smoking in the rooms, common areas of the eco-village, and the restaurant! Due to concerns for the health and safety of our young and old guests, smoking in the rooms and the restaurant is not allowed.

The designated smoking areas are distributed within the open part of the village.

  1. The guests and the visitors of the eco-village are obliged to keep the property and the common parts of the hotel. In case of damages, compensation is due.
  2. When using the services of the eco-village, guests and visitors should not disturb the peace of other guests.
  3. The working hours of the kitchen are:

from 9:00 to 22:00,

The working hours of the bar are:

from 8:00 to 24:00 for guests.

If customers and visitors wish to use the services of the bar up to 4 hours after the end of working hours, an additional fee is “overtime” – BGN 150. This will go as overtime salary for the staff.

The import of alcohol and food products on the territory of the Eco Village Debeli Dub is prohibited. If you want to bring your own liquor the fee for that is 20 BGN per person/ per night for the whole group.

  1. Team Debeli dub reserves the right to accommodate other people in the village, as well as to organize events that do not disturb the other guests unless the complex is fully booked.
  2. Team Debeli dub reminds its guests that they are in the mountains and should take care of their warm clothes and think in advance about their specific personal needs.
  3. We are not responsible for circumstances beyond our control – snow or lack thereof, strong winds, torrential rains and ice, mosquitoes, power outages or water, or lack of internet connection.
  4. Children up to 6 years of age, who are accommodated in the rooms without additional accommodation, do not pay. Children from 7 to 12 are charged BGN 25.
  5. It is not allowed in the settlement to place small children in a separate room with their parents, without this being explicitly agreed upon.

The whole team of Debeli dub takes the necessary care for the children who are in the complex, but we ask their parents not to leave them unattended in any case.

  1. Pets are allowed only in certain rooms, paying a fee of BGN 10 per night, for subsequent basic cleaning of the room. Their owners are obliged to take care of them so that they do not disturb the rest of the other guests in any way.
  2. The Thick Oak team also asks their guests to turn off the lights when they are not in the room; to stop the water when they do not need it and not to open windows for a long time when the heating is turned on. If the room is very hot, you can adjust the temperature of the radiators.
    V. Prices
    The prices of the nights in the settlement are determined according to the current price list and depend on the season in which the accommodation is. All prices can be seen in the “Accommodation” menu on the site, and we reserve the right to unilaterally change these prices.
    Debeli dub has the right to set prices different from the ones announced in the price list for the days of public holidays and for other periods, explicitly determined by the eco-village.
    Debeli Dub Eco Village undertakes the obligation to provide the client in full with the requested and paid services.
    Debeli Dab Eco Village is not responsible for lost, forgotten, or stolen items from the rooms, or the green area, or for damages caused by third parties.
    All complaints related to the quality of the paid services must be submitted by the client on-site at the hotel to eliminate the weaknesses. The submission shall be made in writing. In case the claims are not satisfied, the client should ask the responsible person to draw up a report.
    When the client makes a reservation, he enters into contractual relations with the Eco-Village Debeli dub and accepts the present general conditions.
    The clients using the services of the eco-village Debeli dub should be of legal age according to Bulgarian legislation / over 18 (eighteen) years of age /. Children are allowed only if they are accompanied by their parents or other legal representatives. Clients are obliged not to leave their children unattended on the territory of the complex. Our team is not responsible for persons under 18 years of age left unattended.
    Amounts for requested but not used in whole or in part services due to the fault of the client are not refundable.
    All prices announced on the site as well as in the e-mail messages of the eco-village sent to the client are in Bulgarian levs including VAT and tourist tax.
    The cost of additional services is not automatically calculated in the final price and must be paid separately at the hotel.
    The client assumes the responsibility to observe the generally accepted norms of good behavior during his stay. All costs for material damage to the eco-village are due to the customer.
    Eco village Debeli dub reserves the right to change the information on this page and the general conditions at any time, assuring you that we try to always provide true and accurate information, but this can not always be guaranteed.
    For all disputes and legal issues that are not regulated in these Terms and Conditions and General Terms and Conditions and arising in connection with the use of the site, the legally binding provisions in force in the Republic of Bulgaria are in force.
    These General Terms and Conditions are accepted and should be published on the website of the eco-village, and upon request should be provided to guests and visitors.