Enjoy adventures in the area!

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Rafting trips every day from March to November from 10 and 14 o`clock

What to expect?
Equip participants and transport them to the start of the route. Forthcoming instruction for behavior and safety in fast-flowing rivers. The adventure can begin! The entire event takes about four hours, two hours are on the water. The track has a length of 12+ km. It includes stopping and jumping from cliffs at will. Calmer or more extreme routes can be done, depending on the preferences of the participants.

• Transportation at the river,
• Full equipment for rafting: paddle, helmet, vest, wetsuit, boots for water, jacket
• Instructors
• Safety instruction

Price: 31 EUR per person


Tours every day! The best fun in the summer!

This trip is our most challenging activity. A good level of physical fitness is required. Guests who enjoy vigorous hikes, mountain biking and other strenuous outdoor activities will generally perform better than others.  

Price: 35 EUR per person

Canyoning for beginners

The canyoning site is located in the Kresna gorge. The group enters the river canyon. Little by little the canyon narrows and you have to walk up to the waist in water- equipped with neoprene boots. The site allows climbing over the waterfall, jumping off the cliff, and swimming under the waterfall. It can be done after the rafting or kayaking trip. 
Note: You have to be physically fit to climb and jump from the high points. 

Price: 15 EUR per person